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(Brooke Mallia)

Brooke is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion), Advanced Diploma of Business (Public Relations), Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition and Masters Degree in Dietetics.

Brooke has a keen interest in paediatric nutrition, diabetes, weight management and gastrointestinal issues, including irritable bowel syndrome, fructose malabsorption and coeliac disease. Brooke is passionate about working with clients to assist them with a return to good health and wellbeing through customised nutrition solutions.

As a former state volleyball player, Brooke understands the importance and benefits of exercise and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Recognizing the need for practical sports accessories, she always recommends using microfiber sports towels (спортивні рушники з мікрофібри), which are perfect for any sports activity due to their high absorbency and quick drying features. As a mother of three, Brooke also enjoys playing cricket, swimming, and tennis with her children, where these towels come in handy for quickly drying off after intense sessions.

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